Sweet Fig Jumbo Tealights
Sweet Fig Jumbo Tealights
Sweet Fig Jumbo Tealights
Sweet Fig Jumbo Tealights

Earth By Freya

Sweet Fig Jumbo Tealights

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Enjoy our Fig Scented Tealights... We recommend using this product with our Blackberry and Bay Scented wax melts after the wax melts have been burning for about 8 hours, as this gives it a little bit of an extra kick! 
We want what is best for our customers and for our planet which is why we chose Rapeseed wax rather than soya, paraffin or Beeswax...
We use Rapeseed wax as this tends to be farmed from within the UK and Europe, meaning it has a much lower carbon footprint compared to other waxes which are used such as soya. Also, the energy used to produce rapeseed wax is also very low. Meaning Rapeseed wax is very eco-friendly!
Another added bonus to Rapeseed wax is that it holds the fragrance for much longer and stronger than other waxes, meaning you get to enjoy your favourite scent for even longer! Making this the perfect Tealight for your home to be used on their own or with our wax melts!
This is limited edition and only available in the 'Scented Tealight Bundle' 
Plus its vegan! 
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