Bamboo Straw set
Bamboo Straw set
Bamboo Straw set

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Bamboo Straw set

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Natural colour Bamboo straws
There are many different type of straws that are made from many different materials. 
Plastic straws are, of course,  very harmful to the environment as they are not biodegradable and so have a long-lasting negative affect both on land and in our oceans.
Paper straws are biodegradable (which is great) but they can be rather annoying to use, as they weaken throughout use. 
Metal straw are eco-friendly in the sense that you can re-use them for many years and so you are creating less waste. However, just like plastic they can take 100s of years to decompose. 
Bamboo straws are both durable, and you can re-use them for many years but they will also decompose within a year of being submerged in soil (landfill). Meaning these bamboo straws tick every box, both for you and the Earth. 
10 Straws, a cotton bag and a cleaning brush 
Packaging: All items are delivered in environmentally-friendly packaging that is recyclable and Biodegradable
Delivery: 3-5 Business days 
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