About us

I Started Earth By Freya because I am very passionate about trying to be more eco-friendly and I noticed that many companies were selling products and marketing them as ''eco-friendly'' when they were in fact still quite harmful to the environment on a long term basis. This is why I started this journey so that I could provide product that are genuinely environmentally-friendly.
I have carried out a lot of research into product development to ensure that I can offer the best quality products to our customers, whilst still trying to do the best for this Earth. 
I chose Rapeseed wax for this exact purpose. The rapeseed plant is cultivated mostly in the UK and in Europe, meaning the carbon footprint is much lower than if we purchased Soy wax as this tends to be produced in South and North America. 
The rapeseed is derived from wild rapeseed and so our wax is not associated with any deforestation.
When producing our wax melts I use eco-friendly products so that the entire process has little effect on the environment.
Many of the products are produced from natural materials such as Wood, Bamboo or Bamboo-fiber; this means that many are biodegradable.
All of our products are packaged and shipped in environmentally friendly material which are biodegradable and/or recyclable.
I am also aiming to have a positive affect on our communities as well by offering the chance for both our customers and ourselves to donate money to causes that can help save our earth. For example, I have just started a fundraiser for 'One tree planted', for every 74p donated they will plant one tree.
Join us on our journey to use more eco-friendly products that help the Earth, rather than have a negative impact.