Tampons Vs Cups?

Ladies lets face it, it is not our favourite time of the month and so we just want to use the most comfortable option that makes our life easier... are we right?
Tampons tend to be that go-to option as they tend to be comfortable and easy to use. However, there are some disadvantages to tampons, they can be relatively expensive and they are not very eco-friendly if you are using a plastic applicator (for added comfort). In terms of cost, if you were to use 3 to 4 tampons per day, this would cost roughly £4 per cycle and £48 amount per year. in a 2-10 year period this can add up to between £96 - £480
So what other options are there?... Menstrual cups! 
Menstrual cups are a lot more comfortable as they are made from flexible medical-grade silicone which molds to your body, unlike tampons. Due to cups being re-usable they are much more eco-friendly, meaning much less waste going to landfill.
You will also spend a lot less money as these cups can last you between 5-10 years, however some cups on the market need to be replaced after 2 years. This all depends on the brand and  how well you take care of them. The cost of a cup tends to range between £15-£55, however you can get many good quality cups for an average of £25. It is important to ensure you look for a menstrual cups that use true medical grade silicone as this will be going inside of your body. 
We also recommend getting a cup with a hoop handle, as this is much easier to remove that cups which have a straight handle.
How do you use menstrual cups?
1. Place in boiling water for 5 minutes before the first time you use it to ensure it is clean
2. Fold in half and place inside your vagina, similar to how you would with a tampon. It can be easier to do this with one leg raised or whilst sitting down. 
3. Please clean between each use 
4. Place in boiling water between each cycle.
What SIZE is best for me?
S: If you use a small or regular tampon already. If you are a virgin. If you have not had children 
M: If you use a regular tampon already. If you have had 1-2 natural births.
L: If you are using a large tampon already. If you have had 3+ Births


What are normal changes to see in your menstrual cup?
Discoloration is perfectly normal to see in a menstrual cup after using it after a while, so please do not worry if this occurs. However, heavy staining and if it starts to have an odor then this may be a sign that the cup needs to be replaced.
When do I replace my menstrual cup?
Please replace if it starts to have an odour. 
Heavy staining 
White residue
Flaking of the cup material 
Tears and cracks within the cups 
Sudden leaking