Paraffin V Rapeseed wax- Which one is best?

When choosing which wax is best, we need to think about what our values are and how these relate in choosing our products. Everyone values certain aspects of a product, this may be price, quality of the product or what impact there is on the Earth. At present society is starting to think about the impact we have on our own planet and how the products we buy can either worsen the environmental impact... or we can alleviate it. 
What is scent-throw?
One of the most important is scent-throw. Scent throw relates to how strong the fragrance smells, this can be both cold and hot. A cold scent-throw relates to how the candle or wax melts smell before they have been burnt. Hot scent-throw relates to how strong the fragrance is when you light the candle or heat the wax melts. The two are interlinked but may not necessarily correlate so be aware; for example, you may find your wax melts have a very strong cold scent-throw but once they have melted the hot scent-throw is not particularly strong. 
Paraffin is the most widely used wax as this is a very cost-effective wax, whilst offering a great scent-throw. However, in recent years this has received some bad press due to the wax releasing some toxic chemicals when you burn it. This means the wax is not particularly good for your lungs, or the lungs of this Earth.  Therefore, please be aware of what sort of candle you are purchasing as it may be produced from paraffin wax. 
Rapeseed Wax
Rapeseed wax on the other hand does not release any toxic chemicals. However, Rapeseed wax is more expensive and it harder to work with but the benefits out-weigh the cons, or at least is does to us. Rapeseed wax tends to be produced within the UK and Europe so the Carbon footprint is rather low. Also, the Rapeseed plant naturally grows throughout the UK and Europe, meaning deforestation is rather low when growing this plant. Rapeseed oil is also regularly produced from this plant so it does not take too much extra energy to turn the oil into wax. Another huge added benefit- fantastic scent throw, both hot and cold. To us, Rapeseed wax was the obvious choice as it is extremely eco-friendly but also gives our customers the best quality products. 
We hope this helps you understand the benefits and negatives both Paraffin and Rapeseed wax so that you can choose the best products for your needs and the needs of our Earth. 
Which one will you choose?...