Disposable Vs Reusable Facial cleansing pads

Cotton pads are not particularly harmful to the environment as cotton does decompose. However, per year many of these pads are used and thrown away which is not very eco-friendly. If someone was to use 2 pads per day, within one year, one person would have used 720 cotton pads. This can get pretty costly as it would work out to be roughly £10.90 per year. However, if someone wanted to use cotton pads to take their make-up off and also user toner on their face, someone could easily use about 6 cleansing pads per day. 
Now lets compare this to re-usable facial cleansing pads. You could buy 8 pads and these 8 pads can last between 3-10 years, depending on how well you take care of these pads. We recommend hand-washing the facial pads but these can go into the washing machine as well. Our cleansing pads are priced at £11.99. 
In a three year period you could spend between £33-£98.10 in three years with traditional cleansing pads. In comparison you could only spend £11.99 with re-usable face cleansing pads. 
We believe with the environmental impact of cotton pads combined with the amount you could spend in a three year period in comparison to re-usable cleansing pads, it is an obvious choice which one is the clear winner - the re-usable pads.
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